Faecal Egg Count - Equine Single

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Faecal Egg Count - Equine

All FEC must be ordered and paid for before the test kit is provided.

When the sample has been received tests will normally be undertaken within one business day and results emailed to you.

Faecal Egg Count - Equine

Faecal egg counts for horses are performed using the Mcmasters system by a profesional parasitologist.

Accurate results begin with correct sample collection. The dung should be as fresh as possible but can still be posted or delivered to us the day after collection (we need to receive the dung within 5 Days from collection). Unless you are undertaking an efficacy test, ensure you wait for a minimum 4 weeks after worming before collecting a sample from your horse

Follow the instruction sent with the test kit. Please write in ball point pen or permanent marker as water based inks may wash off. Complete the Faecal Egg Count Authority Form with your details, the horses details and giving us consent to test the dung.


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