iO Fenbendazole 100 - 1L

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iO Fenbendazole 100 Horse and Cattle Drench

Fenbendazole 100 Horse and Cattle Drench

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iO Fenbendazole 100 is a reliable broad spectrum oral drench for the treatment of roundworm and tapeworm parasites in cattle and horses of all ages. iO Fenbendazole 100 is safe for use in pregnant mares and stud males.

Fenbendazole is effective for the control of benzimidazole sensitive roundworms and lungworms in cattle, and large and small strongyles, ascarids, and pinworms in horses.

iO Fenbendazole 100 contains 100g/L Fenbendazole.

Cattle 3.7ml per 50kg body weight as a drench.
Horses: 1mL per 10kg body weight 

Withholding Period: Do not administer less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption. Nil with holding period for milk.

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