Equiforce Rug Sizing

Equiforce rugs cover the full 5’3″ to 7’3″ size range. The rugs are based on European sizes which measure in 10cm back length increments (wither to top of dock).

Back Seam Length (cm) –
Chest to Tail Length (cm) Chest to Tail Length 
(Feet & Inches) -AUSTRALIA
Chest to Tail Length (Inches) –
105cm 152cm 5’0” 60”
115cm 168cm 5’6” 66”
125cm 175cm 5’9” 69”
135cm 183cm 6’0” 72”
140cm 191cm 6’3” 75”
145cm 198cm 6’6” 78”
155cm 206cm 6’9” 81”
165cm 221cm 7’3” 87”

When matched to Australian rug size norms (middle chest to tail in inches), it ‘appears’ that the 6’3″ size is missing from most of the range. But on closer look, the 6’3″ is actually the half size between the 6’0″ (145cm back length) and 6’6″ (155cm back length) rugs, a 5cm difference either side.

The easiest way to be sure is measure your horse from with to tail dock in centimetres, and see if it is closer to the 145cm (6’0″) or 155cm (6’6″) mark.

Size indicator for Equiforce rugs

Tip 1: If your current 6’3″ rug is a loose fit, size down to 6’0″ rug. If it is snug, size up to the 6’6″ rug.

Tip 2: If you are exactly between two sizes, size up to the larger size. The adjustable straps will enable you to customize the size you require.